Statechart Simulator for Modeling Architectural Dynamics

Authors: Alexander Egyed and David Wile

Software development is a constant endeavor to optimize qualities like performance and robustness while ensuring functional correctness. Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) form a foundation for modeling and analyzing functional and non-functional properties of software systems, but, short of programming, only the simulation of those models can ensure certain desired qualities and functionalities.

This paper presents an adaptation to statechart simulation, as pioneered by David Harel. This extension supports architectural dynamism – the creation, replacement, and destruction of components. We distinguish between design-time dynamism, where system dynamics are statically proscribed (e.g., creation of a predefined component class in response to a trigger), and run-time dynamism, where the system is modified while it is running (e.g., replacement of a faulty component without shutting down the system). Our enhanced simulation language, with over 100 commands, is tool-supported.

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